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Once seen, forever entranced ...

Once heard, never forgotten ...

Part voodoo doll, part Barbie doll ...

It’s the sultry debut DVD/CD collection of stimulating music and videos from Eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious, the vibrant band fronted by the ravishing and hypnotic, ANGELICA.

Collectively made by Angelica and Gun
Church Entertainment.  DVD/CD is completely
finished and packaged with disc and box art. 
DVD includes eight music videos. 
CD includes eight songs. 
Includes publishing rights to all songs.


Mass of Angels

A young woman discovers a group of strange people living inside her head and quickly learns she must destroy them before they destroy her.

Grand Prize, Best Feature, The Big Apple Film
Grand Prize, Best Feature, Dead Center Film Festival
Best Director, Jim Riffel, Pocono Mountain Film Festival
Best Actress, Emilie Tisdale, Pocono Mountain Film Festival
Best Actress, Emile Tisdale, Eerie Film Festival
Best Actress, Emilie Tisdale, Denver Underground Film Festival
Best Supporting Actor, Denver Underground Film Festival
Best Cinematography, Melbourne Independent Film Festival

"Reminiscent of the finest works of Roman Polanski and David Lynch." – Northampton Film Festival

Directed by Jim Riffel
Written by Jim Riffel and Anthony DeLuca
Produced by Anthony DeLuca and Jim Riffel
Genre: Horror/Sci-fi/Thriller
Running Time: 80 minutes
Beautifully shot on Super 16mm by David Sperling. View on DVD.
Extras would include 15 minutes of deleted scenes.

Mass of Angels

Black-Eyed Susan

After four friends rob a dead man’s apartment they learn that their “perfect” plan has one fatal flaw.

Grand Prize Winner, Best Feature  2004 Garden State Film Festival
Best Actor, Erik Van Wyck 2004 Pocono Mountain Film Festival
Best Cinematography, 2004 Melbourne Independent Film Festival

"Black-Eyed Susan is a stunning film - a rare feature that makes the viewer feel they are the first to discover a major new filmmaking talent." – Erik Jambor, Co-founder, Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival

Written, Produced and Directed by Jim Riffel
Genre:  Black Comedy in the style of “Fargo.”
Running Time:  105 minutes. 
Beautifully Shot on Super 16mm.  View on DVD.   Negative Stored In Lab.
DVD extras would include 15 minutes of deleted scenes.

Black-Eyed Susan

Howard Stern:  Shut Up And Listen!

In April of 1995, 32 year-old New Yorker Debbie Tay died from an apparent drug overdose.  Respecting her wishes, her brother and sister had her body cremated.  Three months later, against her brother’s request, a portion of her remains were brought onto Howard Stern’s radio show where Stern picked through the cremated remains, holding up bone fragments and quizzing show members on whether they were pieces of skull, rib, teeth or other body parts.  Soon after the show aired Debbie Tay’s brother and sister took legal action against Stern. 

“Howard Stern:  Shut Up And Listen!” begins with the story of this lawsuit and moves on to examine the fine line of The First Amendment that Stern has walked toward making his show one of the most successful and controversial programs  in the history of radio. 

Winner, Silver Award, Philadelphia International Film Festival

Produced and Directed by Jim Riffel
Genre:  Documentary
Running Time:  85 minutes
Shot on BetaSP
This is the only feature length documentary ever made on Howard Stern.
Features interviews with Steve Allen, Larry Flynt, Morton Downey, Jr., Alan Dershowitz, Dr. Joyce Brothers, and “Grandpa” Al Lewis.
DVD extras would include 20 minutes of deleted scenes.

Shut Up and Listen!

Meeting The Beautiful People

America’s obsession with fame and the famous goes under the microscope in this feature-length documentary that explores the crazed phenomenon of celebrity worship.   The film includes an ongoing interview with a sociologist who examines the causes for public devotion to such personalities as Al Pacino, Albert Einstein, KISS, Pablo Picasso, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Muhammad Ali and dozens of others.

Film aired on The Sundance Channel in the U.S. for 18 months, 1997-1998
Also aired on The Bravo Channel in Canada for 18 months, 1997-1998

Produced and Directed by Jim Riffel
Genre:  Documentary
Running Time:  85 minutes
Shot on 16mm   View on DVD    Negative stored in lab
DVD extras would include 10 minutes of deleted scenes

Meet the Beautiful People
An artist tries to convince the United States
Department Of Treasury to overhaul its
currency in the feature documentary,
"Meeting The Beautiful People."


Thousands of feature films get made every year yet only a small fraction ever play in a movie theater or get released on DVD.  What happens to those lost films and the people who made them?  This documentary helps explain that while following a film composer who is attempting to play the piano for 53 straight hours, setting a new Guinness World Record.

Produced and Directed by Jim Riffel
Genre:  Documentary
Running time:  80 minutes
Shot on Digital Video

Shot Movie

Blind Tom  -   Screenplay  -  True Story

At an 1865 Philadelphia convention of the world’s most respected musicians and music historians a blind and autistic 16 year-old pianist known as “Blind Tom” was declared among “the most wonderful phenomenon in musical history” and compared favorably to Ludwig Von Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The “Blind Tom” they were referring to was Thomas Wiggins, a negro slave born blind and autistic in 1849.  Though these mental and physical handicaps limited many areas of his life his ability on the piano was unparalleled and far reaching.

By the age of four he was playing back, perfectly, classical music pieces he had heard only once.
At the age of eleven he was invited to the White House to play for President James Buchanan.
By the time he was 16 he had memorized over 7,500 pieces of music he could call up and play on command like a human jukebox.
Before he turned 21 he had already toured all over the world including Japan, Europe and South America.

His strange abilities included playing two songs at once while singing a third and playing long complicated classical pieces with his back turned to the piano.  The financial grosses of his musical tours totaled over 25 million dollars but Thomas Wiggins never saw any of it.  He was the last legally owned slave in American history and died penniless in New Jersey in 1908.

Written by Jim Riffel
Screenplay  -  105 pages

Blind Tom Screenplay

POE   -   Screenplay  -  True Story

On September 28, 1849 Edgar Allen Poe boarded a train for Baltimore.  What happened over the next seven days remains a mystery but on October 3rd he was found in an incoherent, semi-conscious state outside Gunner’s Tavern, a Baltimore pub.  Four days later, on October7th, he died.  “Poe” tells the story of what happened during that lost week while flashing back to the strange life that led him to this end and the macabre wonderful stories that placed him among the greatest writers who’ve ever lived.

Written by Jim Riffel
Screenplay  -  110 pages

Poe Screenplay True Story

The Girl In The Trunk   -   Screenplay  -   True Story

Seven dead people are interviewed about the details of a  grisly murder that took  place over 80 years ago in London.   Based on the real-life disappearance of a young English woman in 1927.

Written by Jim Riffel and David Myers
Screenplay  -  105 pages

Girl in the Trunk Screenplay